Fees for Weddings

Legal Only Wedding is popular among the young couple for sponsoring the spouse in the Immigration Department’s requirement. The price ranges from $440 to $550. The couple still gets any wedding venue in Melbourne City Council, Monash City Council, Bayside City Council, and other adjacent city councils. Affordable Weddings Melbourne CBD only type outdoor popular, and the price starts from $550 including a signing table and chairs, PA system, booking for space reservation and photo-taking permit, Safe COVIDSafe settings, and other setting up tasks (* terms and conditions applied as below). All starting from $850 for Beach/Park/Winery/Zoo/Special Venue/Outdoor Weddings (a professionally prepared script and orchestration of the rehearsal for the custom ceremony (* terms and conditions applied as below).

  • Search and reservation fees for the Beach/Park/Gardens permit are not included.
  • Beach/Park/Gardens allowed extra charges depending on the site and season.
  • Giving the couple ‘Happily Ever Before and After…’ brochure for free of charge.
  • Lodgement of NOIM – the Notice of Intended Marriage form.
  • Shortening of Time for Wedding. (*Additional Government application and handling charges apply) For eligibility, please Go to the Legals section of the Main Menu for more details.
  • Planning your wedding with a meeting and Media contact.
  • Preparation of a personalized written Ceremony Order styled to reflect you, your love for each other, and your values and beliefs.
  • Dressing to suit your day.
  • A rehearsal of the ceremony before the day if required.
  • Conducting the special Ceremony in a professional manner and according to Australian law.
  • Using a high-quality PA System with Bluetooth and wireless mic.
  • Traveling to your Ceremony location within 50 km of Melbourne CBD (Holidays/Regional/Interstate Travel with the additional charge).
  • Posting or delivery charges to BDM for Lodgement of all marriage documents are included.
  • Celebrant’s special gift to the couple – Free Celebrant Marriage Certificate and BDM official marriage certificate (*conditions apply to Legal Only Wedding) delivered to the mailbox after the wedding.