Legals Only Wedding

Caleb can help the couple applying for a visa with expertise or any other urgent circumstance such as an Evidence of Notice Letter to sponsor someone from overseas. He has orchestrated many..

Beach Gardens Wedding

This outdoor wedding is formal and suitable for low (up to 50) to medium (up to 100) impact events. Upon receiving the signed NOIM, the Melbourne CBD City Marriage Celebrant will look..

Micro Outdoor Ceremony

During Melbourne's balmy spring and summer months, many couples choose enchanting outdoor wedding ceremonies amidst the lush, verdant gardens and tranquil parks that adorn the city's heart and picturesque surrounds. Venues like..

Simple Christian Wedding with Family Blessings

How much extra does it cost? I offer a range of services to customize your wedding ceremony according to your preferences and beliefs. I can work with you to incorporate elements of..

Renewal of Vows

(Starting from$440.00 Inc GST) What is a vowal renewal ceremony? It is an opportunity for a couple to renewed vows that they made when they married before celebrating a milestone Wedding Anniversary,..

Funeral Celebrant

(Starting from$650.00 GST) With a master’s degree, the Melbourne City Celebrant had completed the subjects and practical training in counselling and grief and pastoral loss work. He has attended many funeral services..

We want to have a simple legal signing ceremony. Do we need to go to Victorian Marriage Registry in the city? Or do you provide the same kind of simple wedding?

You do not need to come to the city for the Court Wedding. Either I can come to you for a backyard budget wedding at your home for the budget wedding, or..

Venue Wedding and Planning

In today's increasingly diverse society, more couples are choosing to celebrate their union across different cultural backgrounds. Melbourne Celebrant specializes in crafting meaningful ceremonies that honor and blend the traditions of both..