Legal Information & Marriage documents. A marriage officiant must complete certain documentation before submitting it to the Victorian Birth and Death Service. The very first form is known as the notice of intent to marry, which is four pages long. It is advisable to download this yourself from the link below so that you may skim through for any requirements such as an original or a certified copy of your Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving License, divorce certificate, and death certificate of the previous partner. If you are from overseas and require additional guidance, please feel free to contact me.

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Shortening Of Time


A List Of Prescribed Authorities Is Published On The Attorney-general’s Department’s Website.There Are The Five Circumstances In Which An Application For Shortening Of Time May Be Considered By A Prescribed Authority Is Set Out In Schedule 3 To The Marriage Regulations.

These are limited to:

  1. Employment-related Or Other Travel Commitments
  2. Wedding Or Celebration Arrangements, Or Religious Considerations
  3. Medical Reasons
  4. Legal Proceedings, Or
  5. An Error In Giving Notice.

What Should You Do If You Want Us To Help You?

When A Celebrant Is Asked To Reduce The Minimum Notice Period For The Noim, The Celebrant Mustensure That The Noim Is In Order And Then Refer The Party Or Parties With The Notice To A Prescribed Authority. The Celebrant Should Explain The Following Key Points To The Couple:

1. The Reason For Seeking A Shortening Of Time Must Fall Within One Of The Prescribed Categories (Described Above, Five Categories) Before The Application Can Be Considered

2. A Prescribed Authority Has No Discretion To Grant A Shortening Of Time Outside The Circumstances Covered By These Categories

3. The Granting Of A Shortening Of Time Is Not Automatic

4. A Prescribed Authority May Charge An Application Fee – Celebrants Should Suggest That The Couple Check If A Fee Is Charged When Making An Appointment With A Prescribed Authority.

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